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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Fully Automatic Centering & Plunge Facing Machines and our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Fully Automatic Centering & Plunge Facing Machines
Model - CFAM 500 / 1000

Features :

  • Toughened Guide ways of Machine Bed
  • Slide Feed Head Stocks
  • High Productivity

Specifications :

 Admitted work length
 • with Single vice min
 • with Double vice min
 • with Double vice max.
 40 mm
 110 mm
 500 mm
 Min. job dia. clamped in vice 15 mm
Max. job dia. clamped in vice 125 mm
 Job Clamping system Self Centering vice by  Hydraulic motor force  2000 kg.
 Rapid Travel Speed 4200 mm/min
Spindle speeds 750, 1000 RPM
Max. Stroke of Slide 50 mm
Slide Feeding Infinitely variable with  hydraulic.
Max. Plunge face Diameter 63 mm
Centre Drill Sizes BSS3 TO BSS6/as per ISI
Total Machine Power
 • Spindle Power
 • Hydraulic Motor Power
10.15 H.P
 3 H.P/each
 3 H.P
Coolant Motor 0.15 H.P/40 lpm
Overall Size LxWxH 2000 / 1300 / 1600
Machine Weight 1250 Kgs.

Head Stock  :

Two Spindles are supporated by two taper roller bearigs at both sides. Both head stock are slide feed by Hydraulic. One head stock permanently fixed & other is adujustable to accommodate different job length. Drive is by timing belt. Change of speeds is changing timing pulley. 

Tool Holders :

Facing tools are indexable insert type. Centre drill holders is used to hold and adjust centre drill. Depending on application, Chamfering, O.D. Turning, tools can be supplied.

Vices :

The job is clamped by to self centering vice assy. 
(LH/RH scres with G.M.T nut / V-flat Jaws.) The vice screw are rotated by hydraulic motor.

Machine Bed and Rack Pinion system :

The box and cross ribbed bed with toughened guide ways ensures rigidity of machine bed. Rack and pinion systems is given to adjust vice assy, adjustable headstock to required length.