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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Milling Type Facing & Centering Machines and our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Milling Type Facing & Centering Machines
Model FCAM - 1000

Milling Type Facing & Centering Machines
Model FCAM - 110 / 150

Chip Auger
Chip Auger

Features :

  • Designed for heavy cut load
  • V & Flat slide guideways
  • Milling head retract to avoid back cut & line Mark on job
  • High Productivity
  • Low Cost

Machine Bed :

Machine Bed is MS Fabricated stress relieved made in 12mm Thick Plate. It has fitted with 100 x 30mm Hardened ground Guide ways spaced at broad width 310mm apart. On this guide ways, Milling Head Stock Index slide with V & Flat Hardened guide ways is fitted to absorb heavy cut loads of Face Milling.

Milling Head Stock :

Milling spindles with ISO 40 Taper are supported by two Precision taper roller bearings. ISO 50 Spindle is supported by Two Precision Taper roller bearing at front side & Roller bearing at back side. Milling head stocks are fitted on Rigid Dovetail slide to avoid the back cut error on component while returning to home position. Drive given is by timing belt. Change of speed is by changing timing pulley.

Centering Head Stock :

Centering Head stocks are fitted with 15030 Spindle with Two precision Taper Roller Bearings. Spindle is fitted with ER Series Collet chucks for True running of Centre drill. Centering Head Stock is fitted on linear Motion Guide ways slide with 100mm Stroke.

Vices :

The job is clamped by two self-cantering vice assy. (LH / RH screw with G.M. nut & V-flat Jaws). The vice screws are rotated by hydraulic motor.

Standard Scope of Supply :

  • • MS Fabricated Heavy Stress Relieved Base
  • • Graded Cast Iron Slides with V & Flat Hardened Guideways,
  • • Heavy Duty Milling & Centering Head Stock Assembly with precision Bearings.
  • • Complete Hydraulic Power pack unit.
  • • Complete Coolant System with Piping & Rajmane Make Coolant Pump.
  • • Centralized Lubrication system with Automatic lubrication Unit of Cenlub Industries.
  • • Complete Electrical Panel with Switchgears & Mitsubishi make PLC.
  • • Half Cover Push in Type Coolant splash Guard System.
  • • Direct Read out Position Indicator for LH Side for fast setting of Job Length.
  • • Operation Tool Kits & Spanner sets.
  • • Instruction Manual.

Optional Accessories :

  • • Full Body Cover With Front Sliding Doors
  • • Widia Make Milling Cutters.
  • • Screw Type swarf Conveyor with Chip Tray.
  • • Two Years Maintenance Spare kit.
  • • Special Tools & Fixtures if required for Components.

Application :

Forging Industry, Machining Industry, Automobile, Aerospace, Agriculture, Pump Industries, Marine Industries, Railway Industry.

Application :

Centring slide feed
Specification Model FCAM - 110 Model FCAM - 150
Maximum Facing Diameter Ø110
Maximum Job Clamping Diameter Ø25 - Ø125 Ø25 - Ø160
Maximum Admit Job Length 1000 / 1500 / 2000mm 1000 / 1500 / 2000mm
Minimum Admit Job Length 140mm 200mm
Milling cutter size Ø125 Ø160
Spindle Taper
ISO 40 ISO 50
Centring Slide Stroke 100mm 100mm
Centring collet chuck ER 32 ER 32
Centre drill size BSS 3 to BSS 6 as per IS BSS 3 to BSS 6 as per IS
Self centring vice assembly Operated by Hydraulic Motor Operated by Hydraulic Motor
Centring Slide feed Hydraulic Infinite variable feed Hydraulic Infinite variable feed
Milling slide Feed Hydraulic Infinite variable feed
Hydraulic Infinite variable feed
Milling cutter back slide Hydraulic Rapid Return Hydraulic Rapid Return
Milling spindle speed Positive Drive by timing Pulley Positive Drive by timing Pulley
Centring Spindle Speed
Timing Pulley
Optional By VFD
Timing Pulley
Optional By VFD
RH Milling Spindle Power 5HP 7.5HP
LH Milling Spindle Power 5HP 7.5HP
RH Centring Spindle Power 1HP 1HP
LH Centring Spindle Power 1HP 1HP
Hydraulic Motor Power 3HP 3HP
Coolant Motor Power 0.15HP 0.15HP
Automatic Lubrication Unit 0.10HP 0.10HP
Total Connected POWER 15.15HP 20.15HP